Wall Worm Animation & Design

Wall Worm develops pipeline tools for 3ds Max.

  • Custom Tools
  • Game Design
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Rapid MAXScript Solutions
WingBin - Free Browser RAM player for video collaboration.

Game Design Tools & Resources


CorVex level design plugin
Carver and Make Hollow


Wall Worm Model Tools
Wall Worm Sky Writer
Anvil Level Design Tool

What People Are Saying...

"Just want to say thanks again for your work on the source tools, it's been so incredibly helpful I can't even begin to describe the hours you've saved me." Rick Underhill, Technical Art Director, DICE
"Man how I wish I'd had these 5 years ago!" Robert Briscoe, Environmental Artist, Valve
"[CorVex is an] amazing tool I've been using for a long time by now. For Source Mappers, Wall Worm is your bible and Corvex is an unforgettable chapter of the holy book!" Joris Ceoen, Level Designer


Hammered to the Max: A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max is a free e-book for beginners and advanced users alike. It covers the process of using 3ds Max instead of Hammer as your level editor for the Source Game Engine.